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Containerize All The Things

Containerize all your apps meme

Yes, we’ve all seen the meme, but like many memes, there’s a core of truth.

What I’m Doing Now

Over the past couple of years I’ve found myself moving away from developing applications used by insurance companies (i.e., business apps) to systems and tools that try and make the life of such developers easier (continuous integration, deployment, etc.). In that role, I’ve been building upon (and in some cases, discarded) tools such as Docker, Mesos and Marathon, Dropwizard, Vagrant, etc. While Dropwizard was pretty straightforward to learn (I’ve used Java for most of its 20-year life), I’ve mainly been a Windows person, so coming up to speed on container tools, like Docker, has been extra difficult because I’ve had to learn things about Linux that other people take for granted, such as file permissions, filesystems, init systems, let alone things like cgroups and iptables.

There’s A Name For That

It turns out, there’s a name for what I’ve been doing: infracoder, short for infrastructure coder. Many people these days call this work DevOps, but that means something different, and I’m pretty pedantic about words (I can be annoying like that), so infracoder it is.

Stuff In The Queue

I’m a big fan of queues: from message queues, to the data structure, to queues (or buffers) in kanban, queues are great.

But anyway, in future posts I’ll be writing about my experience with Docker Machine and Swarm, as well as delving into service discovery and configuration (Consul, etcd, cloud-init, etc.).